Author of the Week: Tammie Clarke Gibbs, The Counterfeit

This week author of the week is Tammie Clarke Gibbs author of The Counterfeit.

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Review from Amazon: Great read! The Counterfeit was filled with twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope a sequel is in the works.

About the book: Historical Romantic Suspense from the author of the Kindle Bestselling Gothic and Time Travel Romance, ISLAND OF SECRETS
Sometimes the Road to Justice is filled with Compromise…
Jeremy Loud is good at what he does.
As a Secret Service Operative he’s quick on his feet and a master of his emotions.
Then, he wakes up naked, disoriented and in physical pain to find a mysterious woman busy at his stove. His first mistake is assuming she’s a barmaid. His biggest mistake is underestimating her ability to get into trouble. Soon he realizes his assignment to infiltrate and bring to justice the infamous Quincy Davenport and his band of counterfeiters might be easier than keeping one strong-willed and beautiful redhead out of trouble.
Magen MacGuire is determined to find the man responsible for her father’s death and make him pay.
Then, her plans go awry and a case of mistaken identity leads her to the last thing she expects; a mysterious stranger she could easily fall in love with. She makes a choice to right a wrong, but in her case doing the right thing isn’t viewed as proper and gets them both into even more trouble.
The odds are against them, but can they find the love of a lifetime before their secrets are exposed and if they do can they overcome the lies?
Check The Counterfeit on Amazon

Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Tammie Clarke Gibbs

I asked Tammie a few questions:
Q: What inspires you?
Real Love. Whether it be romantic love or the type of love really close families know intimately, love is a motivator and thus inspirational and dangerous all at the same time. Writing about the deep bonds created by love is something I can be passionate about.

Q: What was your happiest moment as an author?
So far there have been two really special moments. The first was when a very prominent former book publisher for one of the big six, one with over 30 years experience in the publishing industry, read my novel and said she “looked forward to seeing me on bookstore shelves soon”. The second really special moment so far was on the 14th of Sept. when my debut novel, ISLAND OF SECRETS was the #1 Bestselling Gothic Romance on

Q: What can you tell me about your ideal reader?
All readers are ideal, but I realize that all readers aren’t going to like my books. Much in the same way that we don’t get along with everyone we meet, our books not speak to everyone. I have lots of folks who love my books, others who don’t like them at all. I’m no different, when I read I respond to certain authors and not to others. So, my idea reader will be one that my books speak to.

Q: What’s the funniest line you ever wrote?
A: One of the funniest is out of THE COUNTERFEIT… “I was NOT cooking your coat!”

About the author: Tammie Clarke Gibbs lives in a small South Georgia town where you can still see the occassional tractor on the road and pigs and cows occassionally break loose and run alongside the road. Tammie is married and has one son and a pampered puppy who doesn’t realize she’s a dog and tries to walk upright like the rest of her family. In Tammie’s home even the family pet has her own column in a regional magazine. Tammie’s debut novel, ISLAND OF SECRETS was the #1 Bestselling Gothic Romance on Sept. 14, 2011. THE COUNTERFEIT is her second published work of fiction.

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  1. Another great feature, Joey! Interesting.

  2. Hi Ya! Joey!!! Into Counterfeit! Sounds like a great read! Fabulous, Tammie!

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