Author of the Week: Shawn Lamb, THE HUGUENOT SWORD

This week author of the week is Shawn Lamb author of The Huguenot Sword.
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I asked Shawn a few questions:

Q: How would you convince someone to read your book in 140 characters or less?
A: Think only Dumas has Musketeers? Think again for swashbuckling adventure.

Q: What was your happiest moment as an author?
A: A mother told me how her daughter waited a whole year to see if I would return to a home school convention. As soon as the daughter saw my name on the list, she circled it to be the first booth to visit and buy my other books.

Q: What can you tell me about your ideal reader?
A: I gear all my books towards those who want good, stories about memorial characters without all the sex, language and inappropriate material becoming so pervasive in books. There are more people – kids and adults – who want to read clean books than publishers are willing to acknowledge. That doesn’t mean I don’t tackle hard issues, because I do, I just don’t cross the line.

Q: When did you know you are going to be an author?
A: I’ve wanted to be an author for years. I began writing when I was a teenager. In fact, The Huguenot Sword is the first book I ever wrote when I was 16. I got my first professional break back in the 1980s when I wrote for the Filmation animated series BraveStarr. This was the same studio that produced He-Man and She-Ra. I learned a lot that translated well to my fiction writing style.

Q: If you could talk to your readers while they are reading your book, what would you tell them?
A: Enjoy.  Stories should be enjoyed and, if done well, leave a lasting impression.

Q: Which author influenced you the most?
A: Where The Huguenot Sword and historical fiction is concerned, Dumas, naturally, but also Taylor Caldwell, John Jakes and Mary Stewart. I love the style where the characters are so immersed and involved it is hard to tell them from the real people.

Q: Tell me one unique thing about yourself that no other author in the world (as far as you know) shares.
A: I trained for the Olympics under Ralph Faulkner, the once Hollywood fencing/fight master for such stars at Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn. I was also considered as the fencing stunt double for Bo Derek in a pirate movie, which unfortunately got cancelled.

Q: What’s the funniest line you ever wrote?
A: Nigel was antsy.  It’s from the Allon series and seems to get a chuckle from those who read it.

Q: What’s next?
A: In 2012, I plan to release 2 more in the Allon YA fantasy series and another historical fiction for adults set during the English Civil War.

Thanks Shawn for your answers.
Learn more about her book here:


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  1. Another nice interview. I’ll have to visit over here more often. Glad I found this blog.

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